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Cynthia Knapp

Cynthia Knapp was born in the Northeast US but as a child her family moved to Canada where she grew up and attended York University in Toronto. After completing a BA degree in Fine Arts she returned to the US to work and soon set up her studio practice in Atlanta GA. Knapp’s career of more than thirty-five years includes the use of various media from works on paper 

and canvas to large sculptural site installations. Her work is found in private, corporate and university collections. Knapp has exhibited extensively and maintains gallery representations in several major US cities. 


Knapp's abstract paintings and drawings are musings on the relationships of organic structures. Fields of color blur, overlap, and interact to create an amalgam of natural shapes. Her intent is not to represent any literal outward appearance, but rather to portray the essence of 

abstraction in her physical environment. Other recent works have a female figurative reference. The human form provides an arena for exploring the interconnectedness and inherent visual tension between figure and ground, invoking a responsive assimilation that we all can readily grasp. 


Knapp soon became interested in xpressing the abstract organic imagery of her painting and drawing more integrally to a proposed architectural site. The long narrow painted panels that make up the sculptural pieces are gestured references, like 3-dimensional brushstrokes, which create a positive, uplifting and colorful interplay of forms. The sculptures are mounted in “relief” or as suspended objects. These and other similar projects are well received as installations for individual collectors as well as health care facilities, airports, libraries, and corporate meeting and gathering spaces.

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